We are a Silver Jewelry Manufacturer, Exporter, and Wholesale Jewelry Supplier.
Our mission is to help you grow your jewelry business.
The goal is to become a long-term sustainable business partner with you. We are an honest wholesale jewelry manufacturer.

We will consider any issues that are good for your products, not only just for the profits.

We are a leading Thai jewelry factory because our silver jewelry factory is located in Thailand.
Moreover, we also
guarantee 925.
“Competitive Price, Fine Quality, Delivery On Time”

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Our Services
custom jewelry service
Exclusive or custom-made manufacturing
The exclusive designs are unique designs that are specially created just for you. With our CAD technology, the perfection of jewelry appears to your eyes, from imagination to reality

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wholesale steling silver jewelry
Wholesale sterling silver jewelry
Meet one of the leading wholesale jewelry vendors. Please request a quotation. Customers can order less than the minimum quantity if the products in stock are available. We offer a wide range of jewelry collections and jewelry designs. 
Our Story
silver jewelry factory
Our production
When concepts meet execution, the fascination of charms happens in our land of silver jewelry. Explore the silver jewelry factory of Primarose and learn how we manufacture elegant jewelry for you.

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silver jewelry magazine
The Jewelry Insider Blog
Discover several interesting articles about jewelry products, jewelry manufacturers, and the jewelry industry in general. This is insightful information that jewelry vendors and jewelry store owners should know

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Why Primarose is the best solution for you.
We are one of the leading silver jewelry suppliers in Thailand. With 20 years of experience, Primarose has played a part in the jewelry manufacturing industry since 1999. We are a silver jewelry manufacturer and wholesale jewelry supplier who provides high-quality Jewelry wholesale.
Our company goes beyond the labor laws because our craftsmen are well taken care of. We believe that if they work with happiness, they will do their best to deliver impressive services to customers. Our customer service is great but we still do not offer free shipping at the moment.
Moreover, we guarantee that we can manufacture many complex ornaments that a few factories can do. However, we produce only precious and semi-precious metals, such as silver and high-grade brass. Costume jewelry or any very cheap one is not our style at this time.  

We always stand for our vital motto “Competitive Price, Fine Quality, Delivery On Time”.